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Take two opposing forces, put them together, and let the energy of this unlikely union burst out and bring transformative change. That’s what we did with iconic performer, Céline Dion, and trailblazing kidswear-brand, nununu.

When they first approached us, wanting to create something with each other but unclear on how and what exactly, we were blown away by the possibilities. We love polarities, and always look for the specific tension line that produces a powerful creative charge. Because we use design as a tool for communicating messages that mobilize social change, we identified an impactful strategy for this unpredictable collaboration – Celine, with her iconic mega-star glam persona, and nununu, the fashion brand for kids that are rough and tough.

We united Céline Dion and nununu in one voice: Fashion has the power to shape people’s minds. The brand inspires children to be free, and find their own individuality through clothes. CELINUNUNU, the new brand name we came up with, lets children find their own true essence, liberating them from stereotypes and norms. The brand creates a dialogue between clothes and creativity, which amplifies the discussion about a humanistic education that is gender-free, giving the spirit space to grow. Everything is possible, equally.

For Dan Alexander, reduction is an indispensable element of his design method – he reduces the idea of a brand into a memorable graphic, a clear visual language, and an expressive typography: “In a world of Big Data, simplicity is becoming ever more vital. So, we concentrate on essentials and use our tools to build a ‘community of equals,’ sending out messages that will benefit humanity.”

Dan Alexander believies that fashion builds concepts deep within our minds. By focusing the brand on a shared agenda of equality, he fused the two iconic forces of the brand together for the sake of freeing children from the dichotomy of ‘blue for boys / pink for girls.’ Young people can find their own power of personality, through clothes. 

Dan Alexander pinned the plus symbol as the brand logo. The logotype signifies the powerful meeting point between the two extraordinary life-forces behind this partnership, and carries them both as one, for a good cause, with positivity for mankind. The minimalist black/white color palette conveys the balanced polarity between them, while also hinting at the universality of an unspoken language that unites people worldwide.

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