Michael Jackson as a design idol

Dan Alexander design

When it comes to design, some performers also affect the aesthetic world, despite not coming from the field of graphic design. One of the most prominent artists to do so was musician Michael Jackson. His fashion sense and the aesthetic language of his albums were groundbreaking moments for the artistic world, his impact thus surpassing his music and songwriting. Today elite fashion brands still take great inspiration from the costumes he wore in his performances and video clips, which included a gamut of colors, tailored vests, and black shoes that greatly resonated with the style of the 1950s.

In addition to his influence on the world of fashion and design, he also significantly impacted the world of performing arts. Michael Jackson set the bar that many pop stars after him tried to reach, some of them in vain. His vision saw the musician as an artist who does not solely focus on his specific craft, but is rather, what we call in our capitalistic world, an idol: a person whose talents stretch beyond their area of expertise and who inspires others in many fields – in Michael Jackson’s case it was music, fashion, design, and even visual arts. Nowadays, our society adds personality to this package deal, and in this aspect, some may say, Michael Jackson fails. No one can argue, however, that his unequivocal talent has inspired many artists, and will affect many future generations to come.

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