Piet Zwart the “Typotecht” Rebel

Go ahead, make the jump from architecture to typography – we dare you. That’s exactly what Dutch designer Piet Zwart (1885-1977) had done. By the time his career in typography and graphic design took off, he had already studied architecture, taught art history, and worked as an interior, fabric, and furniture design. He was a […]

Herb Lubalin called it “Word Pictures”

Let’s look at typography from the eyes of American graphic designer Herb Lubalin (1918-81). He designed some of the more iconic typefaces and typographic logos of the century, and he always called his work “word pictures”. His approach to typography uses letterforms to express ideas visually. By using “graphic expressionism,” a typeface can tell the […]

Milton Glazer Heart NY

Behind the I ♥ NY logo and slogan is design legend Milton Glazer (1929-2020). Among his many other famous designs is the logo of New York Magazine (which he established), running for over 50 years straight with his original logo on the cover. Milton lived by the adage that ‘doubt is better than certainty,’ which […]