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Paul Van Haver, known by his stage name “Stromae”, is a Black Belgian prominent singer-songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. Besides the political and social messages behind his lyrics, Stromae is also a vehemently influential figure for the field of design and typography. His exceptionally artistic video clips, which embody bold colors and patterns, create visual manifestations […]

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Charlie Chaplin

Actor and filmmaker Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin is considered one of the most prominent figures of the film industry of the 20th century, and one of the most renowned artists in the realm of silent film specifically. His most famous artistic persona was The Tramp, a bona fide derelict and one of the first portrayals […]

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Michael Jackson as a design idol

When it comes to design, some performers also affect the aesthetic world, despite not coming from the field of graphic design. One of the most prominent artists to do so was musician Michael Jackson. His fashion sense and the aesthetic language of his albums were groundbreaking moments for the artistic world, his impact thus surpassing […]

The importance of Target’s store design and logo.

When discussing the power of design, it is crucial to reify the concept of graphic design and examine its impact on our everyday endeavors and interests. One store that exemplifies this effect is Target. The store design, embedded with bright lights and wide aisles, was inherited from its predecessor, Dayton’s Department Store. Dayton’s had the […]

Andy Warhol – Interview Magazine

Andy Warhol was an American visual artist, film director, producer, and a leading innovator of the pop art movement. His works display avid criticism of American pop and celebrity culture, capitalism, and consumerism, rendering him a controversial and yet legendary figure. As part of the aforementioned criticism, he is also known for coining the expression […]

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Georges Remi – The cartoonist behind “Tintin”

Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi wrote 24 bande desinées (comic albums) called The Adventures of Tintin, under the pen-name Hergé. These comic albums are considered some of the most popular and acclaimed comic works of the 20th century. The protagonist, a young boy named Tintin, is ostensibly Hergé himself, or a manifestation of him. At first, […]

Tadanori Yokoo

Tadanori Yokoo is one of Japan’s most successful graphic designers, printmakers, and painters. His designs embody personal exposure as well as particular emblems of Japanese culture. He is greatly influenced by Push Pin Studios, a post-WWII graphic design studio (founded in 1954 by Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast), which presented simplicity with comic book design […]

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Otto Hupp

Otto Hupp was a German graphic designer whose predilection was mostly for heraldry, painting more than 6,000 coats of arms and writing books on the topic. In addition to painting existing coats of arms, he also created various drafts for municipalities that were applying for and awaiting new coats of arms; his most famous design […]

Irma Boom

Dutch graphic designer Irma Boom, dubbed “the queen of books,” specializes in making and designing books, having over 300 creations to her name so far. Her books are dominant in their architectural form, and she sees them as a conduit for the delivery of information. A thorough investigation of the book’s content inspires her designs […]

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El Lissitzky

Lazar Markovich Lissitzky was a Russian artist of Lithuanian-Jewish origin. Skilled in a variety of fields, including photography, graphic design, and typography, Lissitzky was a groundbreaking figure in the Russian avant-garde movement in the early 20th century, which was also the period of his artistic heyday. He started his career illustrating Yiddish children’s books in […]